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Moringa Capsules with added Bidens Pilosa & Ginger (Anti-Cancer)

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In a FIRST for SA, we have combined the potent benefits of Bidens Pilosa, Ginger & Moringa to produce a capsule with potent anti - cancer benefits, all in a natural form.

What is Bidens Pilosa, and what are its anti-cancer benefits?

Growing in the wild, Bidens Pilosa is actually a leafy vegetable that can be dried for tea making. Its nutrients are linked in fighting several cancers like cervical, liver and breast cancers. It also has possible anti-tumour properties and has been investigated in the treatment of leukemia. To best absorb its nutrients, it is advised to add healthy fats like avocado or nuts when eating blackjack.

Phytochemical-Based Evidence of the Health Benefits of Bidens Pilosa Extracts and Cytotoxicity.     Phytochemical-Based Evidence of the Health Benefits of Bidens Pilosa Extracts and Cytotoxicity | SpringerLink - article quotes the following:

"An extensive investigation has been carried out with flavonoids against various cancer cell lines such as breast, prostate, liver, lung, melanoma, pancreas, and stomach., which proved effective against cancer cells, making flavonoids an anticancer agent It has, however, been used as a chemoprevention agent as well as a cancer treatment agent."



Ginger has been studied for its potential health benefits, including its possible role in cancer prevention. While more research is needed to fully understand its effects, here are four potential cancer-fighting benefits associated with ginger:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Chronic inflammation is linked to the development and progression of various cancers. Ginger contains compounds like gingerol and zingerone, which possess anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds may help reduce inflammation in the body, potentially lowering the risk of cancer development.

  2. Antioxidant Effects: Ginger is rich in antioxidants, which are substances that help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can contribute to the development of cancer by damaging DNA and other cellular components. The antioxidants in ginger may help neutralize these free radicals, reducing the risk of cellular damage and potentially inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

  3. Apoptosis Induction: Apoptosis is a natural process of programmed cell death that helps regulate cell growth and prevent the accumulation of damaged cells that could lead to cancer. Some research suggests that certain compounds in ginger may promote apoptosis in cancer cells, thereby inhibiting their growth and proliferation.

  4. Anti-Angiogenic Effects: Angiogenesis is the process by which new blood vessels are formed, and it plays a crucial role in tumor growth and metastasis. Ginger compounds have been studied for their potential to inhibit angiogenesis, which could limit the blood supply to tumors and hinder their growth and spread.

Benefits of Moringa

Moringa Powder is truly a super food. Common names include Moringa, or Drumstick tree. Moringa is widely used for its high nutritional value, with a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals than any other plant. New health benefits are being discovered every day.

Moringa Powder is used for “tired blood” (anemia); arthritis and other joint pain (rheumatism); asthma; cancer; constipation; diabetes; diarrhea; epilepsy; stomach pain; stomach and intestinal ulcers; intestinal spasms; headache; heart problems; high blood pressure; kidney stones; fluid retention; thyroid disorders; and bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections as well as muscle recovery.

Moringa is also used to reduce swelling, boost the immune system, increase breast milk production and reduce inflammation. Some people use it as a nutritional supplement or tonic that assists with mental alertness and improves attention deficit.

Moringa Powder Benefits

2 times -the Protein of Yogurt
3 times – the Potassium of Bananas
4 times – the Calcium of Milk
4 times – the Vitamin A of Carrots
7 times -the Vitamin C of Orange

• 92 Nutrients
• 46 Antioxidants
• 36 Anti-Inflammatories
• 18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids
• Nourishes The Immune System
• Promotes Healthy Circulation
• Supports Normal Glucose Levels
• Natural Anti-Aging Benefits
• Provides Anti-Inflammatory Support
• Promotes Healthy Digestion
• Promotes Heightened Mental Clarity
• Boosts Energy Without Caffeine
• Encourages Balanced Metabolism
• Promotes Softer Skin
• Provides Relief from Acne
• Supports Normal Hormone Levels

Moringa is a plant that is native to the sub-Himalayan areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds, and root are used.

Here are the benefits of continuous intake of Moringa:

Increases the natural defenses of the body
Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain.
Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney.
Promotes energy
Promotes proper digestion
Acts as an antioxidant
Takes care of the immune system of the body
Promotes healthy circulatory system
It is an anti-inflammatory
Gives a feeling of general wellness
Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.
Promotes good sleep

Moringa Powder leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. 

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